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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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windy and mighty wet right now. and. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. april 7. >> good morning, i'm juliette goodrich. michelle griego is off this morning. definitely a windy rainy start to monday or tuesday, whatever it is. what is it? [ laughter ] >> wind is so strong it blew you back to monday! good morning, out the door you need the umbrella. you definitely need extra time. this is it. this is the most powerful system we have seen so far this year. it will spread up to two inches of rain in the wettest locations. it will also dump snow down to 4,000 feet. when you have yellow on the screen that's moderate rainfall. we currently in the 40s and 50s. we'll be in the 50s and 60s later today. the rain and allowing it will last still straight ahead. >> and roberta, because of the rain we are getting widespread reported of flooding and this newest accident affecting traffic on the sunol grade northbound 680 at north mission involved a jackknifed big rig. three lanes shut down.
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deep standing water in the city north 101 on the transition road to east 80. we'll have more "kcbs traffic" coming up. >> over the bay bridge the winds are huge. >> wind advisories for the bay bridge, san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge. the time now 5:31. it has been bringing fresh snow to the sierra. couple of feet of snow was expected to accumulate overnight as flurries started yesterday afternoon. but the spring storm will do little to ease the drought. skiers were at northstar yesterday. the new round of snow will probably allow some resorts to stay open a little while longer. we'll have weather and traffic and all of the happenings going on and be careful on the roads. it is windy. >> tahoe up to 2 feet of snow that's over total accumulation. it's just starting to snow there now. they have a winters weather advisory -- a winter weather advisory at this particular
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time. locally we have a whitewater weather advisory for the santa lucia mountain range up to 6" of snow. snow! good morning, everyone. see the green, that's a light rainfall. the more yellow and orange that's a more moderate to heavy downpour at this particular time. some of these cells could contain a half inch of rain per hour as it blasts onshore. and in addition to the heavy precipitation that will be locally heavy at times, this morning, for the morning commute, we have some gusty winds as well up to 30 miles per hour. temperatures currently are in the 40s and 50s. if this makes a difference temperatures are finally where they should be this time of the year into the 50s along the coast, 60s at the peninsula, mid-60s in morgan hill. eastern portion of the bay area highs 60s with winds up to 30 miles an hour dialing back 10
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to 20. up to 2" of rain in lake county. in addition to this, once the heavy rain passes, we have a chance of thunderstorms and small hail. we'll talk more about that straight ahead. liza battalones has traffic. >> it's a mess, treacherous. i was on 280 between the peninsula and san francisco, hydroplaned three times. i was just going 50 miles per hour. so certainly this would be a commute where you're going to want to leave home early. lots of accidents out there beginning with the sunol grade. northbound 680 approaching north mission. it is counter-commute but still blocking three lanes of traffic. this accident involving a big rig which jackknifed blocking three lanes of traffic. you can see traffic very slow approaching the scene. and because of the rain coming down in many areas we are looking at deep standing water with flooding reported in san francisco on the north 101
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transition ramp to ease bown 280. two lanes of traffic are flooded. windy across the bay bridge, san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. but the good news, there are no major traffic delays or accidents for the bridges. just give yourself some extra time, slow down. you're going to feel those winds especially if you drive a high-profile vehicle. bart is on time. they may be a great way to get around the bay area. that's "kcbs traffic." now to frank. 4:34. the rain is welcome but as mark kelly shows us at a calistoga vineyard there's a negative impact from the storm that could outweigh the benefits. >> just counted on mother nature. >> reporter: on this vineyard the meyers have been farm for generations. >> it's about two weeks out. >> reporter: now don meyers notices the toll of the drought on the vines. >> the water doesn't get down deep. >> reporter: his 25-foot-deep
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shell is getting shallower. >> you pump it and it takes two weeks to recuperate. >> reporter: he says these storms barely make a difference. >> in santa rosa they will get 1.5", here maybe .75". >> reporter: he says a smaller soaking like this could do more harm than good leaving behind a dangerous chill for the vines. >> everything looks good this year. so far. >> reporter: like many california formers he is keeping an eye on the sky. >> it will eventually start raining again. >> reporter: in calistoga, mark kelly, kpix 5. today the state water resources control board will go into detail about how it will implement governor brown's mandatory rationing to get california use to use 25% less water. this is achievable according to experts and may be exceeded if the public gets behind it and mandatory conservation is likely to continue even if normal rain returns next fall and winter. an 82-year-old oakland woman is recovering after she
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was dragged several feet by a car saturday as she was trying to get her purse back from a man and a woman who had just robbed her. the crime happened right in front of her home and was recorded by a neighbor's security camera. the victim now fears for her life. maria medina explains how neighbors are rallying in hopes of catching the robbers. >> reporter: it is the ten seconds and 82-year-old oakland woman will never forget. >> it's heart-wrenching. >> reporter: brian lives next door to the victim. it's his surveillance camera that caught the crime. >> they pull up and her mom gets out of the car. >> reporter: you can see brian's neighbor standing at the back of her suv when a dark four-door car pulls up across the street. two people get out and head straight to the victim. >> they come up behind her and attack her and then they steal her purse. >> reporter: the victim runs towards the suspect as car and tries to grab her purse. instead, she is dragged a few feet before she falls. look closely and you can see
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her daughter is in the car with her baby with no idea what happened feet away. >> she didn't even know her mother had been almost run over. >> reporter: seconds later the daughter comes face to face with the suspects when they realize they hit a dead-end street and need to turn around nearly running them over. >> i thought if that was my mother and just -- you have no control. >> reporter: it's a crime shocking those who feel safe in this neighborhood. one the victim says she will eventually heal from. but she told kpix 5 she is too scared to talk on camera because her attackers are still out there. >> people don't think and have no compassion for anybody. i want them caught. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> again, the victim says her attackers were a man and woman. the camera didn't capture a clear image of the car's license plate. a $20,000 reward for information leading to the
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arrest in the fatal shooting of a young musician performing with his band at the golden bowl a short time before the shooting happened in oakland early sunday morning. he was moving equipment when police say two men got into a fight nearby. one opened fire and navarres was caught in the crossfire. >> an innocent bystander just playing at the club doing what he loved to do. >> the murder was the 24th in oakland this year. the victim's band saw it happen. some of the friends there, they said on facebook, they are, quote, in a dark world of sadness and pure confusion as to why this happened. a man is in custody suspected of breaking into two sonoma county homes and threatening people. the sheriff's department says ned kohler was arrested yesterday at one of those homes. the previous day a woman at another home reported a man had broken a window to get inside. in each case the people in the
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homes said the intruder threatened them. deputies have received 34 calls involving kohler since january. kwame harris a former football player for the 49ers and raiders is in trouble again. police say he was arrested sunday after he was found passed out in his car high on drugs in san francisco. investigators say he had earlier been involved in two hit-and-run crashes and during his arrest tried to bite a police officer. in 2013, harris was convicted of domestic violence against his ex-boyfriend. duke university back on top as college basketball's national champ. >> with three seconds it's going to round of time and blue devils are the national champions of 2015! [ applause and cheers ] >> what a game last night. the blue devils beat the wisconsin badgers 68-63 in indianapolis to win their fifth national title. they came from down nine. it was cause for celebration on the duke campus in north
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carolina. moments after the final buzzer, students spilled on to the street of durham setting bonfires. police say though there were no major problems. badger fans in wisconsin were subdued after their team was unable to hold that big second half lead. it was wisconsin's first championship game since way back in 1941 when the badgers last won the title. >> wow. we were all up late, on these hours, watching. the bay area baseball season is off to a promising stamp the a's and giants won their first regular season games. in oakland, thousands tailgated before the home opener against the texas rangers. the a's have a lot of new faces on the team this year but fans say they are confident the team will succeed. at the same time the team's owner is adopting a new tone about staying in oakland. he said it might be the easiest solution if a deal can be clinched to build a new stadium. only on "5", our phil matier reports on the change that has owner lew wolff talking about
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staying put. reporter: >> talking to each other and getting active. >> reporter: a's fans were up and out early for opening day and with a message for the team's co-owner lew wolff. >> we want them to stay in oakland. >> reporter: after years of looking south in an exclusive one-on-one with kpix 5, lew wolff sounds like he is open for staying in oakland. >> every article i read says i can't wait to move to san jose. that's not true. what i can't wait to do is to have a really top-notch venue. >> reporter: what changed with going to san jose? >> there's a lot of complications to it with territorial rights and so forth and, um, but it's not worth a nasty battle in my opinion. >> reporter: there's been another change, as well. >> there is a new mayor here who i have a great deal of respect for. >> i have been very clear with mr. lew wolff and everyone that i'm excited about expanding economic vitality in this city keeping both of our teams. >> reporter: so you're open for a deal to stay here? >> we're open for a deal get
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us a new venue. whether we build it here, there or on mars -- >> reporter: indeed, at times building the new ballpark on mars might seem easier than building one in oakland. >> it's got to include the raiders. it's got to include increased economic vitality and it cannot include any city money. >> reporter: how are things go? >> i'm terrific at this. another 10, 20 years and i'll have it all worked out. in the meantime we'll have a really interesting ball team and be here for longer than everybody thinks i think. >> reporter: phil matier, kpix 5. >> last night san jose mayor sam liccardo responded to the a's owners comments saying we deserve the right to compete for a major league team and added that the giants should not be allowed to stand in the way. 4:42. it is a wet tuesday, everybody. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. yeah, grab the umbrella this morning. wet weather moving through the bay area. your full forecast with roberta coming up next. >> and what's cool about your school?
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santa clara county needs to look at new sources for its water supply, that's the word from the board of supervisors president dave cortese. he says it should include a regional system of desalinization. santa clara county has 1.8 million people and relies on local ground water state aqueducts and the hetch hetchy water system. available water from those sources will keep dwindling as long as the drought lingers on. well, it's only a drop in the bucket, with you it's coming downright now. >> it is. a lot. >> you know what i did yesterday is i got all my plants undercover and brought them out and set them on the lawn and a couple of buckets. that will help with the watering tomorrow and the day after and the day after. right?
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>> maybe. maybe not so much the day after that. good morning, everybody. heavy rain this morning. yellow is moderate to heavy rain. it's pouring in the bay area from the north bay through the santa cruz mountains. heavy precipitation. you have there at that 580/680 corridor heavy amounts of precipitation. then we come further west. the peninsula with moderate rainfall. i would anticipate airport delays today especially at sfo. this is the scene looking out toward the transamerica pyramid where we have mostly cloudy skies. very windy conditions. winds are currently out of the south at 21 miles per hour at oakland. 51 degrees there. 48 in santa rosa with the winds up to 20 as well at times. so here's the bottom line. today what you need to know,
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stormy morning. we have some very gusty winds 20 to 30 miles per hour with locally heavy rain at times. this afternoon as the front passes through the bay area, we have the possibility of a thunderstorm containing small hail due to the unstable nature of the air mass and then after we get through today it's a setup for another dry weather pattern. this is an area of low pressure. you can see the core is still offshore. that's what's going to swing through today and produce that chance of thunderstorms, as well. but you can see how far the band of precipitation stretches across the northern half of california reaching all the way into san luis obispo in the central portion of the state. this is very characteristic of a wintertime weather pattern. as the slow goes south a cooler pool of air mass comes in. let's check futurecast. there's your lunch hour. it's a hit-and-miss scattered showers but notice these pockets contain moderate rainfall at times then we begin
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to clear out nicely towards a's baseball action tonight. we'll have that forecast coming up. and as we venture towards your wednesday, a couple of isolated showers early then high pressure nestles into the bay area and that will result in dry weather. meanwhile, as we tally it all up we should see up to an inch of rain in the wettest spots around the bay area. santa cruz about .75" of rain. half inch of rain in pleasanton where my flowers are happy this morning. here's your forecast high temperatures for this time of the year. 50s and 60s, seasonal. we have a thunderstorm possibility today. cloud cover on wednesday. dry on thursday. partly cloudy friday and saturday. otherwise, it is game 2 as our oakland a's play host to the
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texas rangers. game time is at 7:05. no rain for the game. it's bad on the roads. good morning. we are going to start off at the sunol grade where the chp has issued a traffic alert warning commuters of very slow traffic a big rig jackknifes about 4:00 this morning northbound 680 approaching north mission. no injuries reported with this but with the three lanes shut down you can see all the yellow there for northbound 680 already slow for almost a mile approaching the accident scene. we'll let you know once the chp clears up some of the lanes and, of course, as you would expect with this storm areas of deep standing water flooding in the usual spot so 101 approaching 580 in marin county especially in the northbound direction in san rafael be prepared for deep standing water across lanes. there's also high wind advisories in place for our local bridges including the richmond/san rafael bridge, the bay bridge, in san francisco apparently a storm -- storm drains are clogged as they are in many parts of the bay area
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so we have deep standing water in the outside lanes of north 101 on the transition ramp to eastbound 80. give yourself some extra time. there's a high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge. you can see from these live pictures traffic is fine so far approaching the pay gates. we're also hearing from the chp it's extremely blustery for the san mateo bridge commute. you can see still lots of room there deep standing water reported for the outside lanes of highway 92, high wind advisory in place for the dumbarton bridge. think about taking mass transit to get into work. bart is on time. no delays reported for the ferries, caltrain or ace. right now part of van ness avenue between geary and post streets in san francisco is shut down so a pedestrian tunnel can be built for the new california pacific medical center. lanes re-open at 6 a.m. a full closure of van ness is
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planned for this weekend. time now 4:50. apple tells
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good morning. it's 4:53 on this rainy tuesday. let's zoom in so you can see where it is raining from lake sonoma and napa counties to the north all the way into the santa clara valley to the south. and, in fact, monterey bay now picking up precipitation, as well. zeroing in as the richmond/san rafael bridge we do have plenty of rain showers. the bay bridge it is windy with winds up to 21 miles per hour. taking a look towards the transamerica pyramid that's your morning. we have cloud cover and rain throughout the day and highs in
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the 50s and 60s. we're keeping our eye on the sunol grade where the chp issued a traffic advisory only one lane open in the northbound direction of 680. a big rig jackknifed approaching north mission. you can see traffic extremely slow approaching the scene. also, widespread reports of flooding across bay area roads. we'll give you the hot spots with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. liza, thank you. 4:54. there's controversy surrounding apple's future headquarters. the structure being built in cupertino. as devin fehely reports, apple's strict standards are banning some construction workers from the project. reporter: for kevin, landing a job helping to build apple's new headquarters seemed like a dream come true steady work, decent pay and yet another chance to put the problems of his past behind him. >> long hours, good overtime, i was thinking everything was going to be good for the next couple of years. >> reporter: until he was fired in january because of apple's
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policy barring anyone with a felony conviction on their record in the past 7 years from working on the new headquarters. kevin says he has struggled ever since to find a job. >> not only do i lose that job from apple, i lost a spot in the company that sent me there so the chain reaction, you know? >> reporter: the ironworkers union wrote a letter to apple's ceo tim cook protesting the policy describing it as fundamentally unfair. a letter goes on to say that the blanket prohibition against construction workers with felony convictions is a, quote, evil precedent. no one from apple would comment on camera on the record about the controversial policy. but a source within the company says the safety and quality of the work is their top priority. >> i believe i changed. and since i have gotten the opportunity to work and stay out of trouble, i don't think the past should come back and affect me. >> reporter: in cupertino,
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devin fehely, kpix 5. >> apple expects construction to finish next year. ellen pao says she may appeal the verdict in her sex discrimination case against kleiner perkins. she sued the menlo park venture capital company for millions in damages. the jury rejected her claims that she was passed over for promotions because she is a woman. pao says despite last month's outcome she is glad she brought attention to the issue of gender discrimination. it is 4:56. a big storm rolling through the bay area. live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. roberta has the complete forecast coming up in the next hour. stay there. >> reporter: and i'm ryan takeo live at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a wet windy cold commute! we'll show you what it looks like behind the wheel before
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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and here it comes! the rain, a lot of slick roads here, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. be careful out there as we travel this morning. a lot of wind. good morning, it's tuesday, april 7. i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. get you out the door a little traffic and a whole lot of weather going on, roberta. >> yeah. not only is it windy outside but we have locally heavy downpours so that's going to cause some ponding on the roads this morning and liza will tell you about that effect and who it will definitely affect your morning commute. right now it's our hi-def doppler radar. it's picking up lots of green on the screen. yellow and oranges. when you see the yellow and the orange, that can measure up to a half inch of rain per hour which means it's going to be a nasty morning commute. temperature-wise we are into the 40s and 50s. we had the winds right there across the bay bridge out of the south up to 21 miles per hour. looking towards the transamerica pyramid we have cloud cover and rain.
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40s and 50s and later today our daytime highs close to average. we are talking about 50s and 60s from the peninsula all the way into the eastern portion of the bay area and north of the golden gate bridge. highs today in the 50s and 60s. we are seeing deep standing water in the usual places including 101 in marin county the 280 extension in san francisco and an accident in the clearing stages along the sunol grade. just one lane open northbound six at north mission a jackknifed big rig blocking multiple lanes. we'll have an update with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. >> thank you. it is 5:00. as we mentioned a lot of rain falling all across the bay area. kpix 5's ryan takeo has bay bridge toll plaza work and there he is in the middle of all of it. hey, brian. >> reporter: hey, frank. yeah, roads are slick here, you can tell there's steady wind as well as a steady rain that's been falling here ever since we got here in the last hour. you can tell because the rain is coming in


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